How to Mount a Pistol/Handgun in a Display Cabinet -

Have a pistol you want to showcase? Proudly display them using a Single Pistol Display Cabinet. These step-by-step instructions will help you achieve the look of a professional display at a fraction of the cost of traditional framing stores.

All you will need are a few simple tools:
  • Pistol Mounting Kit
    • Single Pistol Display Case
  • Power drill with 3/16" inch bit
  • Screwdriver
  • CORRECTION: The drilled hole should be 3/16" (not 3/8" like stated in the video).

    Estimated time: ~15 minutes

    1. Selecting Your Display Case

    The product used in this tutorial is the Single Pistol Display Cabinet. This case comes with everything you need to achieve a DIY professional mounting:

      • Handcrafted, furniture-grade beech hardwood frame
      • 98% UV protection, ultra-clear acrylic that will safeguard your items from fading
      • 4 color options: Black, Cherry, Walnut, and Oak wood finishes
      • 5 background color options: Red, Blue, Black, White, Green

    For more inspiration on selecting your color and mounting options, take a look at reviews for customer submitted photos.

    2. Measurements

    To find the ideal location to mount your pistol, we'll begin by test fitting the pistol and taking a few measurements.

    1. Identify the position of the pistol mount.
      • The mount does not necessarily need to be in the middle of the cabinet. Test fit the pistol with the mount to see at what position centers the pistol (the mount is also adjustable).
    2. Mark the two drill holes for the mount.

    3. Drilling the Holes

    The pistol mount is secured by 2 t-nut bolts from the back of the case and 2 screws from the front (inside) of the case.

    1. Drill 3/16" holes in the two marks you made previously.
    2. Clear out debris.

    Note: If you don't have a drill bit, you can also use a screw instead.

    4. Attaching the Pistol Mount

    Note: It may help to prop up your case to have access to the inside and back.

    1. Line the mount to the holes you drilled.
    2. Insert the t-nuts from the back of the case into the holes.
    3. Using a screwdriver, attach the screws until tight.

    5. Placing the Pistol

    1. With the mount secure, remove any remaining debris or protective film and carefully clean the UV protection acrylic.
    2. Insert your pistol.
    3. Adjust the mount pieces as needed to securely fit your pistol.

    6. Final Product

    And that is how you can mount a pistol case yourself at home! For an affordable price and with a fun DIY project, you can proudly showcase your prized collection.

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    Check out the Single Pistol Handgun Display Case Cabinet here!

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